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International Community

At Camp Champions, we value our international community.

Our campers and counselors hail from all corners of the globe: Texas, Mexico, Europe, and even China! Camp brings together people from all six inhabited continents, giving campers a place to learn, share, grow, and celebrate each other. Whether it’s hearing your Scottish counselors perform the National Anthem of Scotland, or learning a Chinese word of the day from a cabinmate from Beijing, your camper will love being part of our international community!

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We are going to share a letter with you that we think shows what it means to have an international family.

This letter is from a first-time camper from Beijing. She is 9 years-old and was truly intimidated when she arrived at camp. Jet-lagged and culturally confused, she wondered what she had agreed to. After three weeks, here is what she wrote to camp:

Dear Camp,

I don’t want to leave because all my friends, big and small, are here.

I don’t want to leave because all I want to see every time I wake up is the roof of my little wood cabin.

I don’t want to leave because every night I want to be able to see the light shining through the bathroom door and the peaceful grass growing in front of my cabin.

However, I have to part ways with this place and return to my life back home – my teachers, my family and my friends.

I will miss camp so much along with my counselors and cabinmates. I do not wish for anything other than to be able to remember the faces and names of those I care for the most!

9 year old girl, Beijing

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