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What’s new at camp?

Check out all of the places Camp Champions has been mentioned in national and local news stories!

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New Mini Cabins! (2020)

2 new cabins for the Minis, we like to call the Mini Mansions! Each cabin can fit up to 12 campers plus their counselors and has a great treetop, large swing, and games underneath!

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New Kneeman Markus! (2020)

Kneeman Markus got a makeover! Come visit our brand new bigger store with a wide range of new merchandise. Also, go visit the new online store and take part of camp home with you!

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New addition to outdoors, Axe Throwing! Put on your safety gear and try to hit the target! For obvious reasons this is for our older campers only!

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New Boats! (2019)

Waterskiing and wakeboarding at Camp Champions just got even BETTER with our 3 brand-new Ski Nautiques!

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GREEN HALL! (2018)

With the update to the Fine Arts Center in 2017, we’ve now built a Dance Studio to elevate our dance program to a whole new level! Ever heard of Gruene Hall in Gruene, Texas? Well, we have our very own Green Hall, right here at Camp Champions! Green Hall is an open-air dance studio lined with wall-to-wall mirrors for dancers of all skill levels to practice new dance techniques, learn choreography for the “Jam Session” routine, and dance with our skilled instructors in areas of Hip Hop, Jazz, and Modern.

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The most popular sport at camp just got a facelift! With 6 brand new Pickleball courts, campers have even more opportunities to practice their serve, play some doubles, learn to backhand, and enjoy Pickleball with their friends.

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CLETUS! (2018)

Say hello to the newest camp animal! Cletus is a giant tortoise who loves when campers visit his pen. He especially loves being fed carrots, squash, and pumpkin, and he will gladly greet campers who come to admire his beautiful shell.

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The Hearth Fine Arts Center! (2017)

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Behold, the greatest Fine Arts Center this side of the Poconos! We’ve built a beautiful, two-story palette for creativity. We’ve converted Lettermen cabins into art studios, built a two-story decking to connect the studios, and created a creative space for artists to thrive. We’re also throwing in surprises like reading nooks, slides, and water installations for exploration and inspiration. We’re calling this Center “The Hearth.” Not only is the Hearth an amazing new environment for Fine Arts, but we also revamped our entire Fine Arts program to fill the art studios with brand new activities, like jewelry-making, woodworking, and specialty crafts.


Since we’re repurposing our Lettermen cabins for the Hearth Fine Arts Center, we get to build new ones! And since we’re building new cabins for the Lettermen, we figured we should just go ahead and build the Midis a new cabin too! Get ready for new amazing and creative cabins, campers!

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The Midis needed a great place to relax and just ‘be.’ Often times, the moments just hanging out with each other are the most memorable. Kick back in the new giant hammocks or on the swings that look out on the beautiful view of Lake LBJ!

Note: The new Midi cabin will be built at the foreground of this photo, right on the new deck!

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The girls just got an exclusive, girls only playscape! There’s so much to do with two slides, a brige, multiple swings, and more! Enjoy this new addition at camp with your cabinmates.

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We built an incredible addition to the Rock Wall, called the Texas Two-Step Tower! With multiple new and creative elements, campers will certainly be able to find new climbing challenges to tackle for years to come.

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We turned our old climbing structure into a 45-foot, six-wall tower built to maximize shade at different times of day, so you never have to climb in the sun! Once you reach the top, there are two extra-long ziplines that soar over main camp for an unparalleled view. The new wall boasts challenging inclines and opportunities for partner climbing on adjacent walls. There’s even a bouldering wall to play on while you wait!

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The New Swim Bay! (2014)

SWIM BAY! (2014)

Our farewell to the Girls’ Swim Bay was bittersweet, but we realized shortly that it’s mostly just sweet. The new Swim Bay includes a three-story tower with a new waterslide that curves into the lake, two rope swings, jumping boards, and best of all, two water ziplines! It’s exhilarating to zoom through the sky and splash into lake LBJ. Our glob, lily pad, and inflatable jungle gym remain classic favorites! All the ski boats and water toys meet at this swim bay as well, so there’s always something fun to do on the water.

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Splash down on the water zipline!
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Argh matey. Come check out this years newest surprise at Camp Champions, The Pirate Ship. This new ropes course boasts six tall masts of solid oak jutting straight to the sky supporting 24 high ropes elements strung on four different height levels. The most clever salty dogs and campers alike dance across the jib lines with the deftness of pelicans plucking silver treasure out of champions cove.

SPIN CYCLE! (2013)

The Spin Cycle is a brand new element poolside that comes to you from a Turkish bath in Budapest, Hungary! That’s right, a bathhouse built in 1453 at the height of the Ottoman Empire housed this little beauty, but the jets weren’t added until the late 20th century. Step into this whirling wonder and scream your way around the Spin Cycle.

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All new speed boats. All new wave runners. Brand new boathouse. We may have gone old school themed with the pirate ship but these new power toys are nothing but modern. Whether you are water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing or just out for a cruise on the lake, these boats will take you there in style.

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Screamer! (2011)

No, it’s not a painting by Edvard Munch, but that is cool too. No, it’s not even a series of 1990s movies. The Screamer is the premier high ropes element in summer camp. Children are hoisted into the air, getting full view of Lake LBJ and the Texas Hill Country, then they plunge as gravity pulls them further and further into the gentle but scream curdling arc of the screamer swing.


Representing the latest craze in paddling sports (and soon to be in the Olympics??!), paddle boards have been added to Kayak Cove. These new paddle boards make the lake so much more fun, because sometimes you have to stand up and fight for your right to paddle!

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State of the art outdoor kitchen with full range, commercial oven, and brick oven. Campers can cook up a storm here at this outdoor purveying pavilion of palatable treats. Walk by the OCP and you will find yourself drawn in from the wafting smells of sizzling pizza, baking cookies, or roasting vegetables. All in the name of hunger and education.

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Have you ever pet a pygmy goat playing around the yard? What about chickens, piglets, rabbits, and a reptile house? The petting zoo has all this and more for all of our animal-loving campers.

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POOL & SLIDES! (2008)

The Camp Champions picturesque pool and slides were added to give kids some water time fun outside of the waterfront.

Several large slides, water toys, open swim areas and swimming lanes offer anything a kid could want to sharpen swimming skills or hang out with friends.

ENTRYWAY! (2008)

You have seen the worlds biggest spur at the entrance. It now is flanked by a welcoming entrance befitting our wonderful community. A small upgrade perhaps, but we are all about making things the best they can be here at Camp Champions.

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