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A Cut Above The Rest

Summer camp cabins come in many shapes and sizes - but not all cabins are created equal! Cabins at Camp Champions have been created with an intentional design to ensure that every camper has the experience of a lifetime while at camp. From hammocks and porch swings to gazebos over the water, our residential facilities are among the best of any overnight summer camp in Texas. Check out the video below for a full tour!

@campchampions Campers, which cabin is your favorite? The lake front cabins are unbeatable. #CampChampions #Camp #travel #tour #fyp ♬ Sunny Day - Ted Fresco
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The elevated design of our cabins accomplishes a few things:

  1. Our cabins are able to stay at an even, comfortable temperature. This design allows our cabins to shed heat during the day and for the cool lake breeze to flow through at night.
  2. It creates a shaded area for kids to play in during hot days. The areas beneath the cabins are filled with fun activities such as ski-ball, pop-a-shot, box hockey, and more!
  3. It’s simply more fun! Why just walk in and out of your cabin when you can take the slide down in the morning and climb up the rope net at night?
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Life Skills

Within the cabin, campers are able to practice the valuable life skills that come with living in a group setting. From helping to clean up the cabin and keeping track of personal belongings to working through a disagereement with a cabinmate, cabin life will have your camper coming home more confident, capable, and independant than ever before. Not only that, but living in close quarters without the distraction of technology allows campers to form much deeper interpersonal connections, creating friendships that will last a lifetime!

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