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These young women are very excited about this tree.

Some of my blogs get kinda serious. I am not apologizing for this. I deeply believe that what we do really matters and that we here can be powerful “partners in the parenting process” with you. Camp can change lives. It absolutely changed mine and was intregal to our four (now adult) kiddos.

But Susie Ma’am suggested that I share some lighter fare in my blogs as well. “Be kind and toss in the occasional tidbit”, she suggested. As I am a wise man (or, at least wise enough to listen to her), I comply here withthree short vigniettes from the first few days.

Arborist Tidbit The campers in the photo were quite intrigued by this tree. (I will resist saying they are “inTREEgued”. Wait, I guess I did not resist. Sorry abour the occasional dad joke.)

The reason they are focused on this tree is that many of them were campers when we planted it. They have noted its growth each summer and are consistently surprised to see its progress. [Note: I assume the surprise is becuase it has grown so well and not simply because it grew. I dearly hope that no one assumed it would shrink.] Nevertheless, because they have tracked the tree, they now feel a sense of ownership. It is now “their tree”. Who am I to disagree?

Memory Tidbit Yesterday, a young boy (7 or 8 years-old) approached Susie Ma’am. “You look familiar to me.”

She replied, “Were you here last year?”

“Yeah . . . do you think that might be where I saw you?”

Marie Kondo Tidbit Susie Ma’am overheard the following exchange with a 8 year-old girl on opening day. As the campers gathered together near the drop-off area, our youngster asked her counselor, “What do you do next?”

The counselor smiled and excitedly replied, “We get to go and see our cabin!”

The following sentence has to my knowledge never been uttered by an 8 year-old boy.

“That’s awesome! Do we get to organize it?!?

Steve Sir