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My other blog today is a little heavy, so allow for a fun tale from our wonderful nurses.

A Rookie (a boy camper who just finished 2nd or 3rd grade) was visiting to take his meds. While he was waiting, he struck up a conversation with one of our nurses outside.

[Note: we love our nurses. They are all moms and just adore helping keep our kiddos healthy. They also get a kick out of the random conversations they occasionally have.]

The boy was intently looking around the Health Center (called “The Nest”). The nurse watch with some confusing, uncertain what he was looking for. After a few minutes, she asked him.

“What are you looking for?”

His response was indirect. “I love the soundtrack.”

“What soundtrack?”

“The camp soundtrack. I hear it and I want to find the speakers.”

“What is the camp soundtrack?”

“Listen. Can’t you hear it?”

The nurse tilted her head and listened patiently. “I hear campers playing, talking and laughing.”

“No, that is real. Listen closely.” our Rookie responded.

“The only other thing I hear are the birds.”

“That’s it. I love the recording of all the birds talikng and singing! Where are the speakers?”

“The birds are real.”

“Are you SURE?”

Pointing to a couple of chatty mockingbirds in a near tree, the nurse assured him that the birds are legit.

“Wow,” our young hero responded. “That’s even better!”


PS The nurse failed to ask the boy’s name, so we do not know the identity of our young ornithologist. I share the picture above because it makes me happy!