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On Saturday evening, we had a storm that produced some great photos. I believe these rainbows and lightning bolts are omens of a fantastic summer. OK, here is my interpetation: the rainbow suggests nature, hope and harmony; the lightning bolt symbolizes spontaneity and high energy.

That feels like camp to me!

Yesterday seems to confirm that we are on the right path: it was such a source of joy.

We loved seeing the faces of new campers as well as the returning campers at drop-off. It is also fun to see the faces of smiling parents - even if only for a minute or two.

I was delighted to see the joy and excitement from our new staff. We have been so excited about this group as it came together this Spring. Over the past 2 weeks, they have proven to be committed and caring, focused and fun.

Campers came together into groups and began to form new friendships. I always marvel at how quickly kiddos adapt and make new connections (frankly, I am even a little jeolous).

Our first evening activity was a blaze of action and we had our first camp-wide Torchlight (evening gathering) of the summer.

We ended the day with each cabin having a 10-15 minute period of reflection and sharing.

Simply put, a great start!

Here is one more photo from Saturday evening.

Steve Sir

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Double the fun!