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At torchlight, a counselor, Marie Ma’am, approached me.

“Steve Sir, the Little Leaguers have the cutest new tradition.”

Little League is what we call our campers who have just finished Kindergarten or 1st grade. They have a less demanding schedule, but have just as much fun as anyone.

“The Little League counselors told the girls about the 4 R’s [Note: respect, responsibility, reaching out and reasonable risks]. After they had discussed each “R” with the campers, the counselors asked if they understood. One camper said, ‘got it’ while another added, ‘love it’. The counselor laughed and said ’live it!”. That started the tradition.”

The campers and counselors now have hand signals for each phrase. When they are given instructions, they respond Got it! (with thumbs up)

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Love it! (heart above their head)

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Live it! (make a big “L” with their arms).

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Simply put, this makes me smile!

I suggest the next time your partner or a co-worker tells you something, you should smile and channel your inner Little Leaguer and proudly respond, “Got it, Love it, Live it!”

Steve Sir