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This blog will not be deep or philosophical. But I do want to share an insight.

And make a confession.

Sometimes, we camp directors cheat.

What do I mean by cheating?

Baby goats.

Having baby goats is cheating.

Most of our activities require elaborate equipment and skilled instruction. Running a skiing program or a Ropes department can be really challenging. Having 6-7 distinct activities in our Fine Arts department each require acumen and specialized assets. We spend months planning our special activities.

But a petting zoo needs just baby goats. OK, we also have bunnies, miniature horses, miniature cows, ducks, turkeys, chickens, snakes (optional interaction) and tortoises. But we were lucky enough to have 6 goats born earlier this summer and you would think it was a Beyonce concert.

I submit as evidence this petting zoo class. The girls were delighted and rapt. I was so impressed by how patiently they allowed each other to handle the goats. They seemed to sense that being impatient might upset their new friends.

Moments like these remind me why I love doing this.

Steve Sir

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