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Most of the time, I try to use this blog to share thoughts about the camp experience, children and families. I also attempt to give you a glimpse into what life is like in the delightful chaos of camp.

In my mind, these are important subjects - perhaps even deep ones.

But sometimes, I just share something fun or silly.

This blog is one of those times.

We have baby goats.

Six of them.

Let me be the first to share that adult goats are not particularly attractive. They are angular and kinda awkward. Their diet is disturbingly vast. Their bleats can be surprisingly loud. No one ever pulled over to the side of the road to take a photos a herd of goats.

Ah, but a baby goat is gold . . . especially at camp.

This summer, we vastly expanded our Petting Zoo. We have ducks (and ducklings), turkeys, bunnies, tortoises, miniature horses, miniature cattle, non-venomous snakes (handling is optional!) and goats. The six little ones have been quite the sensation.

Gage Sir, the head of our Outdoors department (seen in the photo above), even made washing the baby goats a special treat for 9 year-old girls. [Note: they also volunteered to wash Dodger Ma’am, the camp Bassett Hound.] One of the marvels of camp is that something that could be considered a chore (washing animals) becomes a reward.

But when you see these little guys, you want to join in as well.

Steve Sir