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[I wrote this one earlier this summer. Susie Ma’am thought you would like it, so I share it again.]

From the mouths of babes.

Or, in this case, the mouth of a newly minted 6 year-old.

We have a few very young campers with us. They are a regular source of joy for me. I marvel at how they process the world.

Before I tell you that story, please let me take you back about 13 years. While I was still a spry 44 year-old, a camper over-heard my name called out on a walkie-talkie.

“Who is Steve Sir?” Our intrepid camper asked his counselor.

“Do you remember Torchlight last night?”, the helpful counselor responded.


“He was the guy who introduced the torchlighter and acted silly.”

Nothing. Nada.

“OK, how about Flag Raising each morning. He is the guy that stands in the middle, does announcements and tell jokes. You know – every morning.”

Crickets. The boy was clearly trying to conjure an image - any image, but nothing came up.

Pointing to our house, the counselor tried on last option. “He is the person that lives in that home with Susie Ma’am. He walks around with Dodger the dog.”

Suddenly, our camper had a moment of recognition. “Yes! I know! The Old Guy!”

Again, I was 44. Ouch.

Back to our story from yesterday. One of our girls turned 6 years old. Alice Ma’am (the Girls Director) gave her a hug and started a chat.

“Happy Birthday! You are now six years old!”

“I know! How old are you, Alice Ma’am?”

“I am 30. But you know what? Once I was 6 years old just like you.”

“Really? When?”

“It was in the 1990’s.”

Our birthday girl hesitated. This information seemed to merit a response. She furrowed her brow and thought hard. She then smiled, believing that she had arrived at the right response.

“Wow. That is cool. Did you know Abraham Lincoln?”

Alice Ma’am just laughed. I am just glad she did not tell the girl that The Old Guy and Abe were friends!

Steve Sir