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I want to take a moment to share gratitude and some hope on the July 4th weekend.

I will not claim that the past few years have been easy. The pandemic has been horribly disruptive and we will certainly be feeling its effects for years.

Our political environment has been - hmm - somewhat fraught. There is a lot of anger out there and our media (including traditional media and social media) point the spotlight on the issues that makes us the most angry.

But I want you to know that we see something different here at camp. Here, I see kiddos laughing, new friends walking hand-in-hand, cabinmates practicing teamwork and people just being kind. The occassional argument is usually nothing greater than a disagreement over whether a Pickleball shot was in or out.

Engagement is in.

Enragement is out.

Please do not think I am saying that life is easy or perfect, but I think we should exercise our appreciation muscles more.

With this in mind, I want to say that I consider myself blessed to work with people I love who have committed time (in some cases, their lives) to helping children grow. I want to celebrate the moments when a friendship sprouts or a new skill is learned.

I strive to appreciate morning birdsong and evening starlight.

I love watching our staff and your children interact without seeing a screen or hearing a text chime.

Finally, I want to thank you for having the confidence in us - and in your children - to send them to camp this summer. Camp is not a place, but a community. Each voice, each smile, each quirky personality makes this chunk of land into something precious.

That is something to celebrate!

Happy 4th!

Steve Sir