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Every session at camp has its own distinct personality, but rarely has that contrast been more clear than in the last several days.

The first two weeks of camp (June 5-18) had younger, less experienced campers. There are several reasons for that (we offer 1-week “starter” sessions during that time and returning campers like to attend longer sessions), but that is not the point of this blog.

Here is my point.

Your kiddos hit the ground running yesterday. They are loud and excited. This does not just apply to the returning campers. The average age for all campers this session is older and our new campers threw themselves into Day 1.

I love the fact that returning campers see “Reaching Out” (one of our foundational “4 R’s”) as an opportunity and not a chore. They love camp and they want to share that with the new campers/new friends in the cabins.

“But Steve Sir, how can you tell a difference between terms?”

Decibel levels.

After opening, there was extra energy in the air. I noted it but did not really think about it until Torchlight – our nightly camp-wide gathering – happened.

At Torchlight, we sing songs, share jokes, make announcements, do the occasional skit and basically cheer and chant.

It is usually high-energy. Last night, it was electric. Anyone within 2-3 miles of Camp Champions surely heard the campers cheering.

Time for full-disclosure, I am a fan of thoughtful conversations, serene star-gazing and relaxing music. In a word, I am a tad older than the rest of the camp community and appreciate the quiet moments. But I also love the controlled chaos of torchlight. Children are regularly asked to be quieter and more composed in the “real world”. This helps foster self-control and is an important part of growing up.

But we do not need to grow up entirely now. We can have our moments of maximum energy. Unlike a school or a home, loudness is OK at camp a lot. Kiddos do not get enough chances to just let go, be silly and – well – be loud. Watching them do so has a certain joy to it. You can see it in their faces.

We are thrilled that your camper is adding to the fun and cheers and silliness and volume.

We are off to an enthusiastic start!

Steve Sir

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