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Welcome to our new campers!

As we approach the end of the summer, we want you to know that we know that this is the part of the summer that YOUR kiddos are at camp. For them, this is a much a beginning as an end. With this in mind, we are ready to provide them with a fun, tech-free experience.

Our newest kiddos have all joined their cabins, met their new friends, gone on a tour and started their camp adventure.

Our team gathered 10 weeks ago for orientation. For all the new counselors, they were full of anticipation and excitement. We trained on safety (both physical and emotional) and helped introduce them to the traditions and activities of camp.

Orientation is an odd period – enthusiasm is high, but there are no campers. In a way, it feels like an orchestra practicing a symphony, but without any instruments. We are looking at the music, moving our fingers and following the conductor, but there is no sound.

Eight weeks ago, the first campers arrived and this piece of earth became truly camp. Cabins popped with energy and laughter. The skills the counselors had been practicing were now helping them connect with their campers.

We have gone through 8 weeks of camp and we have a seasoned team ready to make camp special. They know what they are doing and the rhythms of camp are clear to them.

For Susie Ma’am and myself, we have a final experience that we are relishing – our four adult children (24,24,23 and 20) will all be here during the last two weeks. The last time they were all at camp was 4 or 5 years ago. We also know that this will never happen again, so we are savoring it. I share this not to make you think that their presence is integral to your camper’s experience, but to assure you that we are as excited for these weeks as any this summer.

Tonight, we will have a welcoming torchlight ceremony for the new campers and introduce them to some songs and get them ready for tomorrow.

I saw a ton of excited faces today. There is lots of nervous energy – which I simply love.

So I am looking forward to an exciting week with growth and fun.

For you parents, we hope you find some time to appreciate the variety in your home. If all your children are here, have some adult evenings. If you have fewer children, let them have the experience of being part of a smaller family. Camp should be a gift to you as well as your children!

Steve Sir