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Sometimes I write a blog and look for a photo to go with it. But occasionally I see a photo and it suggests the blog.

Today is the latter.

Last night, the head of our youngest group (Little League – campers having finished K and 1st) shared this photo with me.

I know that I told you that every cabin does a nightly ritual, but I did not say that this even applies to our youngest campers. Since we like to give them extra sleep, sometimes the “nightly” ritual becomes an “early evening” ritual. Such was the case last night as all the boys gathered at the sail point for the gathering pictured here.

But I knew I had to share the photo when it included not only all those darling faces, but also the rainbow in the background.

The rainbow reminds me of those unusual moments at camp that are not only lovely but shared with friends.

I also notice that no one is looking at a phone, tablet or TV. I get used to this amazing fact, so I fail to realize how unusual it is. Over the course of a day, I will see hundreds of campers and counselors without a single screen among them.

We met with our Senior Campers today and they all talked about the freedom of being tech-free for 2-3 weeks each year. “I kinda feel like I have a power my classmates lack. I know I can turn my phone off and have a conversation. Some of my friends find face-to-face conversations intimidating – almost all of them dislike phone calls. I think they are simply not used to speaking off-the-cuff. They like to have 4-10 seconds to think about every Snapchat or text.”

As I look at our Little Leaguers and their rainbow, I see them fostering this power of conversation and connection. I cannot think of a better way to spend the evening.

Steve Sir