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We camp directors have an odd relationship with the Fourth of July.

We see as friends happily announce their travel plans, awash in family gatherings, travel and traditions.

Of course, COVID has dampened July 4th for many of us, but for every summer since 1993, I have read about these get-togethers. Independence Day is one of the few holidays that virtually everyone takes, thus creating a shared moment of recreation, away from the demands of work and “normal” life.

If you are a camp director, July 4th is the exact opposite of a relaxed work-free vacation. It is a time of great fun, excitement, and pageantry, but it is NOT carefree. We also do not get to spend time with our family.

But I do not want to make this sound negative.

To be clear, July 4th at camp is an A+ experience. People dress up (Susie Ma’am makes a lovely Lady Liberty), we decorate and have a massive fireworks display. Even Dodger Ma’am gets into the act.

And I think it is unfair to say that we are not with family – we are with our camp family. A camp family is such a blessing. We not only have our blood family, but this is a family we choose, full of fun, joyful individuals.

So have a Happy Independence Day from Camp Champions.

Steve Sir