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I found myself chatting with a trio of 7th grade boys.

You never know what you are going to get when you initiate a conversation with this particular breed of camper. Their questions can range from silly to bizarre to arcane to touching. In the last week alone, 13 year-old guys have ask a wide array of questions:

Q: “Are you a good Magic the Gathering player?”

A: “No. I seem incapable of grasping the vast details of the game.”

Q: “Do you put laxatives in the water?”

A#1: “What? Did you seriously ask if we put laxatives in the water?”

Q: “Yes.”

A#2: “No. We put two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. I suggest that your newfound regularity might be a function of exercising multiple hours a day and a modified diet.”

Reply: “Wait. That makes more sense.”

Q: “What is your calf workout?”

A: “Walking?”

Q: “Is it true that you thought you wanted a tiger?”

A: “Not really, but I do like tigers. After seeing the Tiger King, I really did not want to be like those people.”

Q: “Are you related to Carol Baskin from the Tiger King show?”

A: “No, but I have a daughter who is named Terrill Baskin.”

Thoughtful retort: “Wow, that must have been tough!”

Q: “Do you have a favorite child?”

A#1: “I can tell you what I jokingly tell my kiddos. Do you want to hear?”

Reply: “Yes.”

A#2: “I tell them, ‘Yes, I do have a favorite . . . do you want to be it today?”

Q: “What are your favorite activities at camp?”

A: “Sailing, waterskiing and talking to campers.”

Q: “Are you as happy with Susie Ma’am as you seem?”

A: “Yessir.”

Q: “What advice would you give me for the next school year?”

A: “Realize that your friends and your teachers and your parents have ALL had a really tough year. Try to be the kindest person you know. Tell at least one teacher or parent ‘thank you’ every day.”

Reply: “Thank you Steve Sir. I really appreciate you.”

Wow. What a fast learner.

Steve Sir