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Welcome to Second Term!!

I cannot tell you how excited we are to even say those words!

The past year has been an - er - interesting one. We were one of the 18% of overnight camps that operated. As a result, we became kinda “camp famous”. It seemed the fall was a solid block of Zoom calls with other camps and with groups lobbying other states to open. I think we were helpful in getting New York, California and Ontario to approve camps this summer.

But during all of that, we also wanted to focus on how we could make Champions better as well as keep it safe.

Over the year, we befriended some of the leading experts on epidemiology, pediatrics and public health in the nation - especially regarding COVID. As a result, I think we have found a great balance of safety and fun. We will have more flexibility this summer is many ways.

We also built an amazing new activity - a ninja warrior course called “The Jungle”. It has around 2 dozen elements, including two inverted walls. I love this activity because some of the middle-aged campers (like those finishing 5th grade) outshine the middle and high schoolers. It turns out that hand strength does not increase in proportion to body weight. It is so fun to see an 11 year-old girl out-climb a 15 year-old high school athlete!

Tonight after dinner, we will have a “camp carnival” where cabins rotate through 6-8 stations. Some are active and others are “get to know you” activities. We have found this is a great way to get out that first-day energy while also building cabin unity.

Tonight, we will shower, brush our teeth and have a cabin meeting (we call these Nightly Rituals) in which each camper gets a chance to reflect on their day and share thoughts.

We will end the day playing “Taps” and going to bed.

Tomorrow is a full day. I cannot wait to see your kiddos enjoying it!

Steve Sir