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After a couple of more serious blogs, I think I will be more “campy”.

The topic today is Camp Dances.

You must realize that a camp dance is not like the school dances you remember from your youth. They are instead, well, coordinated silliness. They are costumed chaos. Campers dance as a group, not so much as couples. [Note: during COVID, we have to adapt some of the rules for dances, but we were delighted to see that the campers still have great fun. I guess when the point is more about costumes and chaos, the fact that you need to dance with your cohort does not really matter.]

So todays dance theme is “Orange you glad you’re at camp”. We had some great costumes. We also learned that there are a LOT of shades of orange. If you are sensitive to clashing colors, this was not the event for you.

The feature photo is of three of staff members: Maggie, Elijah and Katie. I marvel at the dedication of our team on dance nights. I can assure you that the Lorax look was not an easy look to achieve. I also appreciate the green shirt with “carrots” written on it. In this photo you have both over-the-top and subtle humor. Nice combination.

Before I go, I want to share a quick story from our youngest campers. Their counselor was bragging about his ability to speak alien languages. By “alien” he meant “extra-terrestrial”. He beeped and squeaked and made other-worldly noises. He then explained that they had just heard Geepgop, “the language that brings people together”.

One of his campers looked at him and corrected him, “No Liam Sir, the language that brings people together is friendship”.

How can you beat that?

Steve Sir