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Hello, intrepid readers. Today, we got a plot twist, an unexpected change of plans, a camp adventure!

We had a storm last night and again this morning. OK, I guess that makes two storms. They were the type of storm that is primordial and helps me feel connected to the power and beauty of nature. The weather knocked down a newly planted tree (see photo) and tore our “Camp Champions” sail (see back left of photo). But these are things. What about what is truly important – our campers?

Before I answer, let me share an insight. I learned to love storms as a camper. My counselors insisted that we were lucky to have unusual weather – that it was special and exciting. They helped me to choose to embrace the magnificence rather than worry about the wind or the rain or the thunder.

I am thrilled to report that our staff did the exact same thing for your children.

It is also worth noting that inclement weather can create memories. Every camper remembers the morning in the cabin making friendship bracelets, having a tent-building competition or just long chats with cabinmates. The interruption sets the day apart and makes it special.

This weather also reminds us that one of the best gifts of camp is adaptability! Your kiddos have been extraordinary. Last night we had an abbreviated camp dance cut short by a storm. This morning, we had a delayed breakfast with van pickup at each cabin and delivery to the back entrance of the dining hall. The kids got a “back of the house” tour which they really enjoyed. The leadership team has taken to renaming themselves code words like “rubber ducky”.

One camper gushed about the excitement: “Ali Ma’am! We got to ride in a VAN!!!” You would have thought she just got off Space Mountain.

This morning the Fillin Station was bedlam - but not why you think. Today was Chef Travis’s famous pancakes and everyone went up for seconds. We also had songs and cheers.

Everyone is smiling and shaking their heads in that kind of “Whadda going to do about it?” look.

For parents of campers that are leaving on Saturday, your parent phone call may be delayed. The storm blew out half our phones and took down our internet (except for phone hot spots) for 6 hours. We hope a delay is not the case, but your children’s comfort is our top priority and it is important that we have all counselors with them to help them manage their change in routine.

For everyone, if you try to call and you can’t reach us, we’re sorry. Please bear with us as we bring our communication back up to speed.

Life is truly exciting!

Steve Sir

PS Internet issues may affect our ability to upload photos tonight. We hope not, but please forgive us if this is so.