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We have a guest here today – a master cookie decorator. OK, that master cookie decorator is also my older sister, but she has become one of the special joys of each session of camp.

She loves the chance to share a skill with campers. She is a wonderful mother and enthusiastic teacher. It gives her a special joy to see the campers light up.

To be fair, she has come upon a magic activity that 1) requires little expertise, yet 2) yields impressive results. She has a few techniques that she teaches that result in cookies that look expertly crafted.

As one 8 year-old explained, “I find this activity very satisfying!”

She is delighted to connect with all these wonderful kiddos and they are excited to exercise their artistic skills . . . AND get a snack in the bargain.

In the camp world, we call this a win-win-win.

I love getting to see my sister, who is a mother of 2 adult children, just revel in the happiness of campers. It has the affect of not only pleasing the campers, but helping the rest of us reconnect with the blissful simplicity of youth.

It makes me jealous. I long for a world where decorating a cookie well is enough to make my entire afternoon.

Here is to rediscovering our inner camper!

Steve Sir