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Since my other blogs today are long, please allow just a short one to share two fun snippets.

First, tonight was T-Bone night. Each session, we have a special meal for our rising 9th graders who are our oldest normal campers. If they return next summer, they will join our Senior Camper program.

But tonight, we celebrate their last week as “normal” campers.

We dress up a little and serve a special meal, complete with sparkling grape juice, steaks (or vegetarian options), green bean casserole, roasted red potatoes, garlic breads and individual cupcakes.

It is nice to recognize them in this way. I think we all enjoyed it.

Susie dresses up. I wear a kilt.

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No, it does not make sense to me either.

The second snippet comes from a piece of lake debris. Several days ago, a pool floaty shaped like a piece of pizza came into our cove. Someone dragged it ashore.

Someone else picked it up and put it at the base of the Pirate Ship.

A third person did the only logical thing at that point, he climbed the Pirate Ship and affixed it like a flag.

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No, that also does not make sense to me.

But in the last week of camp, I love embracing the silly and even inane. There is much to think about these days. Sometimes, you just need a kilt or a flying pizza float to keep sane.

Steve Sir