Griffiths freezing

We sent some of our campers home yesterday and we are ready for the final (and we hope absolute best) week of the summer.


The mom of three of our campers sent me a message on the way home from camp.  One of her sons is staying for the final week, but the other son and daughter were riding home with her.  The mom had been a camper and counselor in her own time.  She has been consistently encouraging to us.


I share that just to set up this photo.  As you can tell, the kiddos are wrapped up like enchiladas.  Why?  They are freezing in the air-conditioned car.  The parents had agreed to raise the temperature to 76, but the campers are still in “outside mode”.


I am not sure why this amuses me so much, but I do know I delight in seeing how wonderfully campers adapt to life without all the creature comforts.


Steve Sir