Bag Cookies

I have been deeply moved by the support we are getting from unexpected places.


Each day, a different parent seems to write a short note that simply says, “thank you for being crazy enough to do this!”  These small acts of kindness help us bound out of bed ready for the next day.


A few people went a little crazy.  Please let me tell you about two of them.


First, we have a camp parent that has insisted on buying pies from the Blue Bonnet Cafe for our all our counselors. She understands that they are making real sacrifices to be heroes this year.  They cannot leave property, so it becomes a little harder to get a true mental break from their responsibilities. 


[Note: we have placed staff morale at the top of our priorities.  We are cooking burgers for them tonight.  We have offered laser-tag, kayaking and other special activities.  We have assigned 1.5 director-level people to focus on programming for your kiddos’ heroes.  Their friends are all watching Gossip Girls for 9th time or partying.  They, on the other hand, are here making a difference.  They are inspiring to Susie Ma’am and myself.]


Second, I need to brag on my older sister.  She called up a week ago.  She said that she felt like something special was happening this summer and that she wanted to somehow help.  Her idea was to make appreciation bags for all the counselors. 


Here is the array of bags (she even found a printer to make labels with our logo). 

Gift bags

Here are the contents.

Bag contents

She made cookies for all of them (see the first photo).


And we included personal notes and a quote about striving for great goals.

JFK Quote

In short, we feel the love and support from our wider camp community.  We believe we are doing something that makes a difference. 


Thank you for letting us try.


Steve Sir