Sr camper Talk1

We had our last meetings with the Senior Campers today.  Over the last 3 weeks, we have met with each group at least 5 times for an hour each.


We have talked about leadership, empathy, body language, choosing your mindset, controlling your attitudes and being intentional about their lives.


When we talked with the soon-to-be graduates, we asked them what they had learned.  To our delight (and even surprise), they mentioned lessons from every one of the previous sessions they experienced over the 3 years.  Frankly, I would have bet the farm that they would not have remembered it all, but they did. 


We felt proud and excited.


To end the talk, we issued a challenge.  One of the campers asked about the post-camp quarantine, “Are we just on the honor system?”


First, we assured them that we will NOT be monitoring them with drones. 


Instead, we told him that it is the honor system . . . and much more.


Of course, we expect them to quarantine after camp to assure that no one gets sick – even though everyone seems to be going home healthy.  But we want them to live by an even higher standard.  We want them to become truly responsible citizens.


They are fortunate to be part of a population that rarely suffers serious medical consequences of the virus.  This news is wonderful for them, but they need to acknowledge that others in our society are much less fortunate.  It is the responsibility of the healthy to help look after the vulnerable.  They should actively talk with their friends about whether anything that they do could put them in contact with an at-risk population. 


We suggested that they always assume they have the virus and that they need to think about others.


Responsibility is one of our Four Rs.  We need responsible citizens.


As I looked at the young adults among us, I saw a group that I truly admire and believe in.  They will help make our neighborhoods better. 


Few thoughts bring more joy.


Steve Sir