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When Liam and Terrill started at the University of Texas, they received a pre-orientation packet.  Upon opening it, they found a “Parent Handbook” that was designed for us.  “What in the world is that for?” Liam asked.  “You two have already been to college.  This is my adventure.”  We were pretty happy with that response, even if it made us a little sad.  


When the boys were 4, we taught them to ride bikes.  I ran by Liam as he finally found his balance.  “Let go mommy - I don’t need you anymore.”  When he said those words, I froze and felt a brief sadness.  I still wanted to be needed.  Now, I am OK knowing I am loved, but not needed.  I am happy to let them have their collegiate experiences with Steve Sir and me simply serving as admirers.


A parent cannot ask for more than that!


Susie Ma’am

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