Melissa and Vivian at 9

This morning, a former camper and current camp parent sent me an email that simply made me smile.  I loved the content and it came with a winner of a photo.  With her permission, I share it now.  My contents are in [brackets]:


Dear Susie Ma’am and Steve Sir,


When I arrived home to my VERY quiet home last night after a successful drop off…I was looking for photos for Gary [a reporter for NBC] and here are a few gems that I found…


The first is of both [my daughter] and me when we were 9 years old! [That is the photo I share above.]


The second is of me at 10 years old in cabin 6! Now if you can get past the terrible haircut, you will see that CC smile shining brightly! Now my girl is 10 and in cabin 6 (with a much better haircut)! [I liked the hair, but have chosen to spare you that picture.]


Also, in thinking how lucky that she gets to be at camp and experience all the Camp Champions was, is and will be…I wrote her this note and left in her trunk for her to find after we said our good byes….


Dear [Daughter],


Now more than ever, I am glad you have camp! The place where you can…


Climb the pirate ship

Scream on the screamer

Laugh at Torchlight

Stay up too late 

Listen to the cicadas

Be silly with friends

Be a great sport

Cheer on others during Trojan/Spartan wars

Dance your head off at the dance

Run through the sprinklers

Listen to music

Braid your hair

Go fast down the red slide

Watch a fun movie

Do yoga

Sit on the dock at the boys swim bay

Sail across the lake

Do awesome in swim lessons

Drink cold water from the water monsters

Try new things

Be kind to new kids

Climb high on the rock wall

Go far in a kayak

Do laps in Indy 500

Read a book at the Hearth

Say hi to [your cousin] lots of times

Wave to Emily and Claire

Dance in the dance studio

Make a cool necklace in crafts

Buy something at Kneeman Markus

Jump on the glob!

Hug [your good friend that is joining you this summer]

Teach someone a new song

Love like you never loved before

Enjoy it and all that you learn while you are there!





As I said yesterday, camp may look different with masks and cohorts.  But camp still feels special, loving and fun.  The magic remains. 


We hope you have a positive few weeks.  We sure plan to!


Steve Sir