Cookies by Rookies

Today was simple and profound. 


Let me hint at the profound but allow me to keep it short. 


In the third year of the Senior Camper program, the women of the SCAT cabin and the men of 009 write a mission statement.  We have a banquet for them and then they read them to Susie Ma’am, the directors and me. 


We all dress up.  We do so to honor the people that are committing to becoming.


I wish you could hear their thoughts.  They write about family, friends, integrity, resilience, trust, embracing challenge, commitment, justice and love.   They said nothing about wealth except to say that it will not be the purpose of their life. 


Part of me wants to share so many details, but I feel incapable of doing their words justice. 


What I can say is that they made me think of something as they spoke – the finest metal is forge in the hottest fire.  These rising seniors are looking at an uncertain future, but they are not shying away from it.  Instead, they are leaning into the uncertainty and challenge.  These young men and women seem ready for this moment.


I will share one line that stood out to me: “I will embrace adventures that terrify me”.  On one hand, I hope that none of them (or us) are ever terrified.  But that is my worrier.  My warrior loves this mindset.  If we are ready to be uncomfortable, even terrified, what will ever defeat us?


One the lighter side, my older sister (wearing PPE and remaining socially distant and downwind) taught a cookie decorating class today.  She was willing to teach all divisions.  Here is a picture of some of our girls who just finished 2ndand 3rd grade. 



But so that you can know she is a true talent; I will let you know that the cookies shown at the start of this blog were all completed by boys who just finished the 2nd and 3rd grade.  Yes.  She can perform miracles!


Steve Sir