KM ShoppersEvery year, we strive to improve camp.  We add activities, augment facilities, change menus and construct buildings.


When we do this, we think, “we cannot wait to show these to our families!”  When I think “families”, I think not only of your kiddos, but of you.  Our team loves walking the property with parents and having them comments on all the new improvements.


Well, this summer, you did not get a chance to see our new stuff.  We will not show you everything.  Sure we bought new standup paddleboards.  We expanded the media room and Health Center.  We added storage space and other truly mundane items.


But we took on two really big projects: a double cabin on the girls’ side and a new Kneeman Marcus (our camp store).  Please allow me to share some photos from each.


The new cabins are elevated.   That is cool for two reasons.  First, we have lots of cool ways to get up and down (stairs are soooo boring).  Check these out:



By the way, check out the awesome crow’s nest the campers can climb to (with the tree going tour it) for some extra fun views of camp.

The elevated cabins also create something special: shady places for activities and hanging out.  In this shot, you can see 4-square, skee ball and a basketball toss.


In this one, Michael Moak (our associate director) shows off his creativity.  This hang-out deck is hanging.  It does not swing much, but with a little teamwork, it twists pleasantly.  OK, I know that does not SOUND fun, but it actually is.


We are also extremely excited about our new camp store (Kneeman Markus).  If you are a returning parent, you may remember the old store.  You know, the tiny hot box in the middle of camp.  What it lacked in size, it made up with in discomfort.

The photo that began this article shows a bevy of happy shoppers.  For those of you who never previously entered our old camp store, let me give you an idea of what it was like.  Look at those adorable shoppers.  Draw the smallest rectangle that you can that would include every one of them.  Can you see it?

That was the floor plan of the old store.

Here is the new outside.  (Masks go on once inside).

KM outside

Here are some interiors:




So we look forward to the day you can climb the rope ladder, check out the crows nest and browse the spacious (and cool) new store!

We appreciate you more than you know!

Steve Sir