Age is just a number.  But it turns out it is a different number for different groups.


When Susie Ma’am spends time with girl cabins, she likes to ask different ice-breaker questions.  One is “what age would you like to be?”  Another is “how did your parents choose your name?”


Please allow me to share what she has learned.


The ideal age to a camper is 16-21.  Few go younger, few go older.


“If you are 16, you can drive and you can be independent.”


“If I were 18, I would be older than my annoying brother!”


It turns out 21 is really as high as they will go.


Susie Ma’am suggested that she thinks 30 is awesome.  Her opinion raised concerns among her charges.  They, of course, adore Susie Ma’am, but these words that she said made no sense to them.  30 years old?  Might as well have a foot in the grave.


From what she has discerned, life ends at 21.


[Note: this conversation differs among our counselors. I have heard several versions of this topic over the years.  Some 18 years olds think that 21 is great because all the privilieges of adulthood are available.  Some think that 22 sounds OK. Eventually, the conversation evolves to “what age makes you old”? The verdict has consistently arrived at 25-27. 


It is hard to be ancient.]


On the question about how parents select their name, she also got some great answers.


“My name is the combination of both of my grandmothers’ names!”


“My parents were on vacation and walked by a beautiful river.  They named me after the river.”


“They love the book To Kill a Mockingbird.  Harper Lee is their favorite writer, so I am named after her.”


But the best was one girl who shared this gem.


“My mom kept suggesting names and my dad would say no.  She made a lot of suggestions before they agreed on one.”


“Why did your dad reject so many names?”


“He did not want me named after any of his crazy exes!”


From the mouths of babes.


And with that, I will send you onto enjoy your day.


Steve Sir


PS  This is actually a photo from last year, but it does remind me to share something with you. In March, Susie Ma’am can COVID.  She had one or two uncomfortable days and a nagging cough for 10 days.  A month later, she tested positive for the anti-bodies and went to offer plasma.  Unfortunately, she has an antibody that some women get while pregnant that precludes donating plasma.  I share this for two reason.  First, it is another example of her being a pretty cool person. Second, if you see her in photos without a mask, it is because our medical experts say she does not need to do so.  She generally wears one in solidarity (again, pretty cool person), but she is currently immune.