Thank you 2

Dear First Term Parents,
We want to thank you.
Thank you for your faith in us.
Thank you for allowing your children to have adventures that will make them more joyful and stronger.
And thank you for putting up with the barrage of communication that we have given you.  
You first had to address the pandemic, we then gave you the email-demic.
But, as we all know, we are all learning how to deal with our new world.  Safety recommendations change, so we want to adopt the best policies.  Sometimes that means we will send you new information.  That may be annoying, but we believe you want us to get the best possible answers.  Similarly, we have encountered some challenges when it comes to things like state testing protocols that have led us to make adjustments.  Again, we needed to share that with you.
We had to add forms and a quarantine checklist.  We had to change Openings and Closings in ways that will make things a little less personable, but more safe.
Ultimately, you had to absorb a tsunami of information in a short period of time.
So for that, we thank you.  We understand that you have tolerated this tsunami out of love for your children, which makes it even more wonderful from our point of view.

Also, thank you for making our new opening check-in procedure the smoothest we have ever had!  We got the campers integrated into their cabins faster and with less homesickness than we have ever seen before.  I know it might have been hard to not make your precious one’s bed, but your camper had a smooth and loving transition!
We are blessed to have you part of our Camp Family!
Your Fans,
Susie Ma’am, Steve Sir and the Champions Team