Here is another thought that might help in these odd times. It is a rule we have adopted in the camp office and in our home.

“You are either helping or being helped.”

DSC_0002 (9)

One of the first things we need to recognize is that we will all have bad moments, hours, or days. We have developed coping mechanisms for the world we are familiar with – but we are not in that world. We have no context for our lives right now.

We will never know what might trigger a tough patch. It could be a song or a piece of news or a photo.  

When we have these moments, we must be willing to accept help from others. Lean on those who care about you. You are not alone and they want to help.

But if you are feeling OK, you should be giving help to others. They need you.

And, perhaps more importantly, you NEED to help as well.  

Uncertainty makes us feel powerless.  We think, “In the face of all this craziness, what can I possibly do to make things better?”

I think the answer is simply to make something better. The answer is to help.

So accept help with gratitude. Give help with generosity.

Steve Sir