Sunset sail

I don’t know about you, but the last two weeks have been a little weird for us here at camp.

I, of course, am kidding. The last two weeks have been unprecedented.

So what should we do?

Personally, I want to find the balance between worry for the health of our nation (physically, emotionally and economically) and the spirit of those around me.

Despair is a contagion as well.

I am certain that your news feeds are doing a good job of helping with the “worry for our nation” part, but we all need something to keep our spirits up.

When I saw the Singing Italians video, I thought, “we can all use more of that.”

So here is what Camp Champions plans to do.

We want to be a source of positivity and joy – all while staying healthy and practicing social distancing.

As a result, we will be sending emails, writing the occasional blog, sharing Instagram/Facebook content, suggesting things you can do at home and sharing some on-line surprises.

We are bringing you Virtual Camp.

We will not be able to slow or stop the virus. But we hope to help lighten each day, inspire some smiles and create community.

Welcome to our Virtual Camp Family!!

Steve Sir