This is just a short blog to clarify something critical.


When we say, “we plan to have camp this summer”, we mean that we are preparing and planning as if we can do so responsibly.  Please do not confuse us with people who crowd the beaches or avoid public health recommendations.  One of the 4 R’s is Responsibility.  This is a core value we take very seriously.


The health and safety of our camp community is our top priority.  Our camp community goes beyond the campers and counselors who attend camp, but also extends to their families at home and our fellow citizens.


We are personally working with the leadership of the American Camp Association in the development of plans and procedures that would be a gold standard for running healthy camps in this environment.  In the course of our efforts, we are working with leading Public Health consultants and as well as having conversations with leading epidemiologists.  Perhaps there will not be a way to do so, but we are striving to see what the options are – from testing to treatments.


In short, we will only run camp if we believe we can do so responsibly.  We know we cannot run camp responsibly now.  That is clear.  That is why we have closed for the Spring.  But we do not know what will be true in June or July or August. 


None of us have ever seen anything like this.  We are all striving to understand this crisis.  We are getting new information every day and hope to learn things that will allow us to serve our camp families this summer. 


In addition to the virus, we also worry that our children need reduced stress, exercise and the outdoors more than ever.  If we can help them while supporting the health of our broader community, we deeply hope to do so.


We hope this helps put your mind at ease . . . and we hope to see you this summer.  In the meantime, please stay safe.


Camp Champions Team