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We are down to two full days, so we have begun to wind things down.


We started the morning at the Forum to announce the campers who the activity counselors viewed as “most outstanding” in various activities. Each Department Head had a different theme, concluding with our Fine Arts head. He chose to wear velvet and a crown (because that is really comfortable in August), so that he could “knight” his selections.






Outdoors and Horseback



Waterfront (the skiers are not in the photo - they were already skiing at 7AM!).



Fine Arts

From there, we had our final full day of normal scheduled activities. Tomorrow will feature some packing before we provide campers Free Choice to end their last 4 periods doing activities that they love. [Note: I am also a big fan of giving campers more agency since they are often highly scheduled in other aspects of their life. Also, having Free Choice on the last day assures that they end on a high note.


Dinner was a lakeside picnic with live music, dancing and casual fun. We also brought in Kona Ice (a local snow-cones truck) to provide some extra pop.




Susie Ma’am was inundated with campers who wanted to pet Dodger Ma’am (the camp dog). I was also thrilled with how many campers wanted to share stories and high fives with me as well. Its enough to make me feel like a young counselor!


As I was leaving, a camper ran up to me and said, “This is my favorite camp shirt! It reminds me that I can survive being unplugged!” (See photo at the beginning of the blog.) OK, the shirt seems to suggest that he cannot, in fact, survive being unplugged, but I heartily applaud his interpretation.


We concluded the day with a final fireworks display for the summer.


It will be hard to have this summer end. We have loved the entire summer, but this particular group of campers will be hard to say goodbye to. You have some special kiddos!


Steve Sir