After several longer blogs, I thought you might appreciate a shorter offering.


This article is more like a light appetizer than an entrée.


Last night, we had an extra-fun evening. We started with a camp-wide game called the Amazing Race. Cabins went from station to station to accomplish various challenges. I love seeing the campers just running around. They have no real concern (winning the race is not actually stress inducing) and they are just happy to be with friends, outside, moving and being silly.


At Torchlight, we announced the cabins that had successfully maintained clean cabins for the entire week (the cabins On-The-Streak). The cabins that qualified entered into a drawing for a special prize.


We have been searching for the perfect prize. We want something that is fun enough to create a nice memory, but not so nice that other campers would be jealous.


From this conundrum, the Slushingo was born.


Perhaps I should explain.


Two of our leadership team members called me over the walkie talkie, “Steve Sir – we need to prepare our prize. How many slushees do you think will fit into a flamingo?”


I racked my brain, “What the heck is a flamingo? Is it a new hip type of Yeti or other brand-named thermos?” I came up with nothing. Risking admitting that I was out-of-touch with modern brands, I sheepishly replied, “I am clueless. What do you mean flamingo?”


That is when they explained their vision: converting a pink, plastic lawn ornament into a slushee holder. Viola! A Slushingo!




The campers loved it. I think we have a new tradition.


Steve Sir


PS Moak Sir overheard a 10 year-old camper talking to a friend at breakfast yesterday, where we provided a special treat – waffles with ice cream.


“This the meal I have been dreaming about my whole life!”


I am delighted that he has achieved true joy. I only wish it were as simple for all of us!