Sometimes, camp is just silly.


Camp Champions dances are such times.


But, to be honest, “dance” is a bad description of this gathering. When I think of dances, I picture awkward boys and girls lined against opposite walls nervously trying to get up the nerve to dance. Or, I picture lots of people dancing as couples.


Neither describes a camp dance at all.


To start, most dancing is done en masse – line dances, entire cabins dancing together, conga lines, etc.


Virtually everyone is in costume. Tonight, we had the Mellow Yellow dance. We saw bananas, minions, Pikachu, ducks and lots and lots of clashing yellows.






Campers not wanting to dance play games or talk, but we really want to encourage everyone to dance at least a few times. Sometimes a little encouragement can help a shy camper gain a little confidence by showing off some silly moves.


On a personal note, it is really fun to stand on the stage before the dance and look at a sea of costumes. There is a palpable energy before these “dances”. The campers laugh louder at the jokes and cheer more for the announcements. Being on stage has the odd affect of making me feel a little younger.


I truly appreciate everything that has that affect (see the story below)!


Steve Sir


PS On a related note, I must share a story that had the opposite affect on my ego. When camp is not in session, we buy eggs locally from a couple: Mary and Gary.


I have met Gary 4 or 5 times.


One week before camp, we went by their house to return a lot of egg cartons. We knew that we would not need them during the summer and we wanted Mary and Gary to have them for their other customers.


Susie was driving her car and I was in the passenger seat. Gary approached the car and looked in.


“Oh hi Susie!”, a happy Gary chirped, “Is that your dad?”




Temporarily dazed, I then attempt to give Gary a graceful retreat.


“Oh Gary, you know me! Its Steve. We have met 5 times.”


Given a chance to take his foot out of his mouth, Gary instead doubled down. “No really, you look like Susie’s dad.”