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Actually, the Little League girls (the K and 1stgraders) will take this opportunity to give Charlie Sir a spa day. They have promised to paint his nails and color his hair. Charlie Sir earns bonus points for being a good sport.

Each of the boys’ groups will do something specific for their age.

The Rookies and Little Leaguers are going to have a special Torchlight ceremony on the Girls’ Sailpoint. I know that this does not sound particularly exciting, except that they will be the only boys allowed onto the girls’ side of camp this session. The girls have their own peninsula at camp and the boys simply stay off of it . . . except for this one night for the youngest boys. They always think it is special that they get one privilege that the big boys do not.

The Letterman (finished 4th-6th) will have their overnight. They will cook their own meals, share stories and sleep under the stars.

The 7thand 8thgraders (and the high schoolers) will enjoy “Aquanight”, which is an evening of pick-up games, lawn games and (most importantly) Moak burgers. Michael Moak is our Associate Director and has been with us for 23 summers. He will grill burgers and hot dogs for the oldest boys until they are full and happy.

Over the years, we have experimented with finding the right balance between all-camp activities and age-specific ones. I am really happy with where we are now.

We hope your night went as well.

Steve Sir