Some days are serious and thoughtful.

Some days are silly.

Most days are both.

This morning, Susie Ma’am and I spent two hours meeting with the 9thgraders and the 11thgraders (the 10thgraders were on their retreat). We love meeting with the Senior Campers. During those talks, we discuss what it means to be a leader and how to take responsibility. We discuss ways to reframe their internal narratives to increase optimism and agency.

These discussions are both fun and inspiring.

The end of the day, however, was a little less deep or serious. It was the Mellow Yellow Dance. I must apologize for a mental spasm. I forgot to bring my camera to Torchlight prior to the dance, so I cannot share one of my favorite sights – looking at a camp full of costumed campers. [Note: few colors clash like disparate yellows. It was a bit odd to the eye.]

We had bananas, a Sugar Daddy wrapper, highway safety vests, some lemons, a yellow sea horse and these outfits I share in the above. I should note that Susie Ma’am should not be the one of us with her face covered. She reports that the chicken outfit “does not breath as much as I might have hoped”. I was pleased with the jacket we found at Goodwill. If any of you needs to borrow it for work, please let me know.

We are now putting all the campers to bed and looking forward to a sleep-in morning tomorrow.

Another great day at camp.

Steve Sir