With Thanksgiving around the corner, I find myself thinking about gratitude. Of course, I am most grateful for family, but camp is a close second.


Sadly, when camp is not happening, I sometimes feel disconnected from our community. We are thinking about the campers and their families, but are they thinking about camp? More importantly, are they “being their best selves” that we strive to bring out at camp?


With that in mind, you can imagine my delight when I got an email from a 4-year camp mom:


“We hope all is well at Camp Champions.  My son Benjamin (who attends Triple 3) had a school assignment for 5th grade this year to make a Six Word Video to tell about himself.  He titled his project “The Four R’s” (which are luckily 6 words!)  We thought you might enjoy seeing it and knowing that camp influences do carry over into the year.”


I hope you enjoy Benjamin Sir’s fun and effective 30 second video as much as we all did here. We are thrilled that the Four R’s are alive and well beyond camp!

The Four Rs in 30 Seconds

Steve Sir