Given our guest blog, I will offer a shorter article today.

Today is our final Trojan-Spartan games of the summer.

Last Saturday, we initiated our new campers into one of two teams, or tribes: the Trojans (blue) and Spartans (red). We then have two separate camp-wide competitions. The first was Sunday, the second (and last of the summer) was today.

I am sharing a few photos of a new event we created this year.

Each team creates a line between the lake and the fire pit at the Coliseum, a distance of about 150 feet. The campers then relayed 8 ounce cups of water from the lake to their respective buckets in the fire pit. The buckets are each connected to a large wooden scale we created for this event.



After 5 minutes of relaying (and sprinting), we got the dramatic result – a Spartan victory.

Steve Sir