Today, I just want to share a handful of amusing photos.

First, I saw this shirt in the Fillin Station from a counselor. It is not a camp shirt, but it could easily pass as one.


Second, I could not resist showing this photo of Lola Ma’am on her first boat ride. Lola Ma’am is the daughter of Leah Ma’am (our Girls Camp Director of 10 years) and Robbie Sir (our Activity Director). She is also our designated camp baby. I love seeing the joy on her face.


Third, we apparently had two dinosaurs join us for our camp dance last night. [Note: the dance theme was the awkward compromise between two different proposals – Diamonds and Denim or Dungeons and Dragons. As a result, we ended up with a highly alliterative mish-mash - Dungeons and Dragons and Diamonds and Denim. I guess that Dinosaurs (also beginning with the letter D) belong as well as anything else.]


Finally, I want to share a photo of camp director business attire. This is also from the dance.


Steve Sir

PS Stay tuned tomorrow for a blog about an epic camp event!