I would love to hear about education - Not sure if Monique or John would be betterI love campfires. There is something special about seeing the faces of people you love illuminated by the special light of a fire. It is not just that the light makes the faces look cool, but I also think that people are generally happy when sitting around a fire.

Last night, we had our final torchlight and campfire for our two weeks campers.

I took this picture of the fire and the moon. [Note: the moon always looks HUGE when you look at it, but then mysteriously shrinks when photographed. I promise the moon looked much more imposing to my eye last night.]


I have this theory about sitting around a fire: thousands of years ago, campfires were the original meeting rooms.

During the daytime, our ancestors worked. They farmed or hunted or built. They taught their children. They lacked most of our labor-saving tools, so the days were both long and difficult.

Nighttime became the time when tribes or groups would get together and talk, plan and connect. Before electricity, they only source of light would be fire.

So groups would meet by firelight.

The groups that met regularly and honestly would plan better. They would discuss the business of the tribe – from planning the next hunt to preparing for a harvest to defending their village.

The groups that communicated clearly and honestly would have thrived. Those who did not communicate well would have failed.

As a result, we must all be the descendants of people who sat around fires and created honest and caring communities.

I find that a wonderfully reassuring thought.

Steve Sir