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I feel like I have been writing a lot of serious stuff, so I want to share a few lighter items.

Our Man Caves and Friendship Games are over. To be honest, I miss them. It is the one guaranteed way I can spend time with campers and just hang out.

On Monday, I met with a group of boys who just finished the 7thgrade. I asked them to build a model of teamwork using Legos. To be honest, I never know what I will get when I pose this prompt to 13 year-old boys. They are prone to gallows humor, so I will occasionally get piles of skeletons with the explanation that “they were not great teammates” or a group defending themselves from a skeleton/zombie apocalypse. [Note: we have some kits we bought from Lego Education on the recommendation of the man who made Lego Education into a massive brand. The kits are designed for schools and include a wide variety of bricks, items and Lego people. Among the Lego people are (for reasons I cannot fully explain) some Lego skeletons. Your guess is as good as mine, but these skeletons lead to many laughs and some odd model. I ask the younger campers to build models of their favorite camp activity, so they only use skeletons as proxies for real people.]

This group, however, did a really nice job. Here are two examples:


A rowing crew.


Here is a group of campers working together to create their cabin plaque. Each camper “is bringing his unique style and insight to make the best plaque in camp”.

I also want to mention that yesterday at dinner we had Bavarian Night. This is one of our more popular themed dinners as it results in pretzels, good mustard and root beer. I happen to love it as it allows me to break out my lederhosen. I am pictured here with our much-adored Midi Division Leader who also has quality Bavarian garb.


Tomorrow is our “Deep in the Heart of Texas Dance”. Camp marches on!

Steve Sir