As I mentioned, we are being extra creative dealing with the weather. I am happy to report that the temperatures are expected to drop 8-9 degrees, which will be a huge boost for us.


I am including a photo of our Kona Ice surprise today. The kids LOVED it.


I also want to let you know that our children are so much more resilient than we tend to think they are. While Susie Ma’am and I are fretting about heat mitigation, we cannot keep campers off the fields and pickleball courts. We are insisting on hydration, but also marveling at how happily active they remain.




We also broke out a slip and slide. I loved these as a child. It is nice to know that the world of video games and social media has not changed the appeal of the simple pleasures.


Steve Sir



Fun card

PS Having shared the serious letter from our West Point cadet, I thought I would share a card from the less-serious end of the continuum. I love letters like this one!