Who doesn’t love a good mystery?


Yesterday was the mystery dance. OK, perhaps we should have called it a “surprise” dance because we had two fun surprises.


First, we brought out a Kona Ice (shaved ice cones) truck for a special treat.


Second, we started the dance with a miniature “color run”. All the campers wore white shirts and then ran through a gauntlet of counselors armed with colored corn starch. [Note: as a lifelong asthmatic, I made sure we would be able to do this without inducing any attacks. Safety is always a priority.]




We had a big reveal from the stage and then had the campers run in order to become human rainbows.




Sometimes we have an idea and it turns out less impressive than we hoped, while other times we are pleasantly surprised. The color run was definitely in the second category. The campers and the counselors were almost giddy. Everywhere I looked, I saw smiles, laughter and color-sharing hugs.




Today the campers all get to choose their activities all day long and we will end the day with an outdoor Carnival and fireworks.


The last week is full of special moments. We hate seeing our campers leave, but we want to make sure they have a blast (and make great memories) before they go.


Steve Sir