I know I have already shared two blogs, but I could not resist adding one more quick tidbit from today. Susie Ma’am (my much better half and co-director of camp) showed some real wisdom I thought you would appreciate.

We met with our new campers at rest period today. We had all the girls in the house for half an hour and did the same with the boys. We gave them milk and cookies and encouraged them to ask any questions they might have.

Last night, we had some thunderstorms with strong winds and heavy rain.

As you might imagine, it was quite the subject for conversation.

Susie Ma’am smiled at the campers and simply said, “You are so lucky!”

“Why is that?” They wondered aloud.

She continued, “About 4 years ago, we had a big storm on the first day of First Term. Just like last night, it was loud and wet and exciting. Every year since then, the campers who were here would brag about The Storm. Every year, at least a few campers will come to me and say that they wish that the had a storm of their own. They were jealous.”

“The campers still talk about the excitement of having some water coming through the flaps. They describe smelling the rain, feeling the thunder and hearing the wind. It was an adventure.”

“Now you have had your own storm in your first summer!  Like I said - you are lucky.”

“But Susie Ma’am,” One boy noted, “I got kinda wet.”

“But you are dry now. You will be dry tomorrow. But you will have your adventure story for the rest of your life!”

This brought wide smiles from our young crowd.

The campers are safe in their cabins during storms. So this makes for the best type of adventure - the type that creates the illusion of true excitement without any real danger! I especially admired how Susie Ma’am helped the campers see the positive.

I love seeing campers embrace adventure!

Steve Sir