I love dance night.


To be clear, camp dances are nothing like the dances we would attend in our middle or high schools. At those events, most people would nervously stand and watch the small handful of brave people dance with partners.


Camp dances are more like crazy costume Zumba parties. No one cares if you can dance. Most people dance with their entire cabin. On any given song, you might see a 50 person conga line or a massive line dance. Counselors go out of their way to dance with their campers and act silly.


If a camper would rather not dance, he or she can play gaga, tetherball, skeeball, 4 square or just play cards.


In short, they are lots of fun with a LOT of energy. [Note: I used to attempt to keep up with the campers during the dances. I have since learned that this can take a toll on a more mature body. My days of dancing for an hour straight are probably behind me.]


As you can see in the photos, this was the Purple Peace dance. Susie Ma’am and I love looking at the sea of costumes.


Sometimes the joy of a day comes from simple things. Dancing like a fool while bathed in purple is not a sophisticated endeavor, but it is certainly a happy one.


Steve Sir




PS Speaking of happy, I include this picture of Lola, our camp baby (daughter of Leah Ma’am and Robbie Sir, our Girls Director and Activity Director).