Today, I will simply share a quick hodge-podge of moments at camp.


I would like to start with two photos from the dance last night. The initial shot is some members of our camp leadership team ready for the Purple Peace Dance. The second photo is from our Torchlight ceremony before the dance. I love the visual of a camp full of excited children all in costume. It almost looks like someone poured purple paint over our camp.




Yesterday, we also enjoyed a brief visit from a long-time camper/counselor/division leader, Aubrey Goodman. Aubrey is three years from earning her PhD in Physical Therapy and had one day off over the past 3 weeks. She chose to spend it here. Her inspiration came one week ago as she was studying. It was Wednesday night around 7:30. She sat upright and “her camp clock went off”. She then smiled and said aloud, “The dance just started at camp and they are all dancing to ‘Celebration’!”. While this might seem odd, she knew the timing of the dance and she knew that Celebration is always the first song.


During one of her Friendship Games, Susie Ma’am gave a cabin of girls some questions to ask each other. One girl drew the following card (sorry it is sideways), stared at it and shook her head, “This does not make sense to me.”




Do not worry, a couple of her cabinmates helped her out. “We have a CD player. The last CD I watched was Muana!”


I am not sure I am emotionally prepared for CDs to be like 8-Track players. This makes me feel a tad old.


A cabin of 3rdgrade girls shared another cute story. Their counselor saw a roach outside their cabin. Rather than step on it, she picked it up, put it in a small box and declared it was the new cabin pet. She then began a pet-naming contest. The winner? “Cutie Patootie with no Booty”.


During a Man Cave this morning, I had a 10 year old offer the following about camp. “This is my first summer at camp. At first, it was a little bit of a challenge. I have never been a day without my family, so I was scared. But I made some friends and I am having fun. I guess I am kinda brave, right Steve Sir?”


“Yeah buddy, you are.”


Steve Sir