At least once each session, the campers participate in Division Night, during which they will do a group activity with cabins in one particular division.


Some divisions might have paint war, while others try a “Mario Cart” race using real carts. Food-related options are often a hit, including having a counselors with strong culinary skills making crepes while campers played lawn games.


But I want to share a particularly sweet example of Division Night.


The Maxi Division (girls who just finished 6th-8th grade) teamed up with the Mini Division (those finishing 3rd and younger. Each Maxi cabin adopted a Mini cabin and then the girls paired up with an older camper with each younger camper. They introduced themselves and came up with team names.


Here are the 4 that were shared with me:


  • Rig plus 6
  • The Sparkling Unicorns
  • The Unicorn Puppies and
  • The Unicorn Ninjas (my personal favorite. Is this a master of martial arts that fights with glitter and rainbows, or a highly trained, horned horse wearing a black mask? I truly want to know.)


They created a cheer and then headed to the pool into which the Division Leaders had thrown over 100 glow sticks. The team that collected the most glowsticks won. Though, to be honest, there was more “playing with our new friends of a different age” than there was “finding glowsticks to achieve victory”.


That night, the Mini Division Leader joined in on some of the Mini Nightly Rituals. In one cabin, they share their “hero of the day”. For the girls of that cabin, the answer was simple – our heroes are the girls of Cabin 1 (8th graders).


One of the gifts of camp is the ability to have different ages interact with each other. At school, students tend to hang out with other students in their grade or within one year. Here, we enjoy the benefits of multi-generational fellowship. Doing that helps younger campers develop hypotheses about what they will be like when they are 2, 4 or 7 years older.


It is also beneficial to the older campers who get to practice reaching out, kindness and leadership.


So it was a very successful event.


Go Unicorn Ninjas!


Steve Sir


PS I only heard about this Division Night the next day, so I did not get any photos. So I am sharing a great sunset photo instead.