Rigga Spa masssage.jpgSusie Ma’am got a special invitation yesterday afternoon: a spa treatment.


This was no ordinary spa treatment: it was a spa treatment from Riggabamboo – our cabin of 6 and 7 year-olds.  Here are 4 of the spa helpers.

Rigga Spa.jpg 

“But Steve Sir,” I hear you say, “I would not have thought that 6 year-olds would be talented masseuses.”


You would be right.


But what they lack in skill, they compensate with giggles and enthusiasm. Susie Ma’am reported that one side of her back was thoroughly chopped, while the other side remained untouched. After explaining that she liked to have the fatty part of her hand rubbed, her helper focused on bearing down on the bone.


“That does not really fell very good,” Susie Ma’am sheepishly suggested.


“No. I think it does. Other people say that it helps what hurts.”


Susie Ma’am feels certain that the word “hurt” did come up, but perhaps not as a compliment.


Despite the lack of skill, the invitation to the Rigga Spa was a highpoint for her. She loved seeing the girls’ entrepreneurial spirit and reveled in their laughter.


And she adored the intense attention that Dodger (our Basset Hound) received.


Dodger Ma’am is a perfect camp dog. She does not come to her name. She knows essentially no tricks (unless exceptional treats like steak are involved). She is not that bright.


But she does have one incredible skill – she is incredibly affectionate toward children and allows them to lavish her with attention. They hug her, pull on her ears, tickle her and – yes – give her massages.


Despite the occasionally tough treatment, I continue to assert that the best job in America is hers – camp dog at Camp Champions!


Steve Sir